Welcome to Integrated Infrastructures

Sustainable Community Planning and Architecture

Integrated Infrastructures Incorporated, founded in 2003, provides an array of Sustainable Community Planning and Architectural services designed to serve communities, large or small, grassroots or institutional.  

Founders and Principals Eleanor Torres and Anthony Palmisano have over 20 years of leadership in the fields of social and environmental policy, human services delivery, planning and architecture.  Dissatisfied with the impersonal approach often taken in community planning, Tony and Eleanor formed Integrated Infrastructures to demonstrate the advantages of integrating community input and talent into the design and planning process.  Tony is a registered Architect in the State of California, and is also a LEED Accredited Professional.  

  • Planning & Feasibility Studies
  • Architectural Design
  • Site Master Planning
  • Agency Interaction & Liaison
  • Construction Observation
  • Commercial/Institutional

  • "LEED certification systems are, on average, performing 25 to 30 percent better than non-LEED-certified buildings in terms of energy use. The study also demonstrates that there is a correlation between increasing levels of LEED certification and increased energy savings. Gold and Platinum LEED-certified buildings have average energy savings approaching 50 percent."

    "Despite, budgetary, staff, and Board changes over these three years, Integrated
    Infrastructures shepherded this project successfully through all
    the various groups involved,
    resulting in the approval for
    the expansion of the Museum
    and Cultural Center this last
    October.  It would be a
    pleasure to work with Tony
    and Eleanor in the future."
    Mark Wasserman, Assistant
    to the City Manager,
    City of Indio